About Us

First Online High School

Founded in 1994, the Learning Springs offers over 100 web-based courses, including a full range of core courses from grades 5-12 and a wide selection of enrichment and elective options for grades 4-12. Our courses accommodate all levels of student abilities, including at-risk, special needs, accelerated/honors, and traditional students. Our courses are standards-based across multiple state benchmarks and adhere to Bloom’s Taxonomy of higher-level thinking.

Virtual School Development

The Learning Springs makes it easy to build a customized virtual academy or eLearning program with quick turn-around time for program implementation, database training, and secure online delivery through the innovative and comprehensive Aurora Learning tool. Our vibrant and interactive courses are accessible and easy-to-use for students, teachers and administrators. Our Learning Management System allows students to enroll in any course at any time of year, and students proceed at their own pace. Administrators can assign one of their own teachers, or use one of our qualified instructors. Each Aurora user logs into their account and everything necessary is available. As students submit assignments, teachers can access and grade the work, and the learning team can view the results in the gradebook immediately.