Educator’s Corner

Non auto-graded courses: Instead of student work being evaluated by a computer program, our courses are graded by teachers who give feedback on an individual basis. This helps students to understand what topics have been mastered, and address areas of challenge.

Student-teacher interaction: While students may complete their assignments independently, they can interact with their teachers to ensure that they understand the concepts covered in each course. Teachers are skilled in how to communicate with students using email and other online methods.

Teacher feedback component: Students receive individual feedback for their assignments. This is a key piece of the learning process, and provides students with the knowledge that their work has been thoroughly evaluated by a subject matter expert.

Mastery-based learning model: Our mastery-based learning model allows students to revisit concepts until they have a complete understanding of the material. Students have the opportunity to submit revised assignments to demonstrate their comprehension and potentially earn a higher grade.

One-to-one relationships: Because our courses do not rely on auto-grading, our teachers build one-to-one relationships with students. These relationships are built through teacher feedback, student-teacher interactions, and discussion topics.

Proficiency testing-tutorials: Students can walk through tutorials to build their understanding of a topic, and then take a proficiency test to determine how well they know the material.

Grading rubrics: Teachers use standardized rubrics for grading. This means that our course feedback adheres to a common system of measuring academic progress and achievement, while still providing individual feedback to students.

Answer key for each question: Our teachers use an answer key to determine student achievement on quizzes, tests, and other assignments. Having an answer key for each question ensures that student work is held to a specific set of standards for grading.

Record-keeping: Each student has a unique record in our system. This makes it easy to send transcripts of courses taken and assess course prerequisites.

Messaging program: Our messaging program allows students and teachers to easily connect with each other. Students and teachers can send messages for help with assignments, course materials, and other needs.