“I cannot say enough about what the Aurora Learning System has meant to our program here at ‘Project Success.’ We are in our third year of operation as a program that focuses on students who are at-risk of not graduating from high school. Our data-driven approach to education, as well as our dedicated staff, combined with the computerized educational system provided by Learning Springs, reaps amazing results. We have enjoyed a 100% passage rate on the state-required testing and have seen a fourfold increase in reading ability over a year’s time as measured by the ‘Degrees of Reading Power’ assessment.

Students and families are successful at ‘Project Success’ in part because of the program and efforts of the Learning Springs personnel and the Aurora System.”

Larry Day
Director of Accountability and Alternative Programs
Winton Woods City Schools, Ohio

“Aurora Learning has provided our students, and those of our affiliated districts, with a comprehensive alternative education. It has been the springboard that has allowed many students to get ‘back on track’ to be able to graduate on time. Learning Springs has been a company that has proven to be committed to customer satisfaction and has always not only listened, but implemented suggestions we have given them. I cannot speak highly enough of the support Learning Springs has provided. They are focused on student achievement and will do whatever they can to assist us and our students to be successful.”

Melissa Robbins
Great Oaks Institute of Technology, Ohio

“I looked long and hard at various computer based curriculum delivery programs before I settled on Learning Springs. It seems that everything I looked at was extremely expensive or Teacher directed. The problem with this is the fact that staffing for the various classes was costly and required not only computers but books also. I was looking to increase the quality of the curriculum at the same time as I did away with costly replacement books and materials. We couldn’t afford to pay all of the extra teachers required to implement these two programs.

Learning springs has been an outstanding program for us and our students, the costs are really quite reasonable (Cheap would be more like it). The success our students are having makes me wish that we would have used this for the past five years! I think that when you look at it, you will agree that it will give you a greater opportunity to interact with your students and modify poor behavior habits while allowing them to be successful in their education. My students are doing very well with the program. I also like that the school server doesn’t have to hold the program, you’re working off of their server all a student needs is the internet.

Most of our lower functioning students are excelling academically and the parents love the point that they can not only monitor their child but that they can become involved with their child’s education in a reasonable and meaningful manner! The parents are really enthusiastic about the program and the work that their child is completing. It has given me more positive educational feedback this year so far from parents than our old curriculum delivery program ever did.”

Garry Hutchinson
Harrisburg, PA