Getting Started

The Learning Springs Curricula

Educators will appreciate the strong “teacher” voice in TLS curricula and the fact that each question in our standard (non auto-graded) courses includes a teacher feedback component. This feature of student-teacher interactivity makes TLS courses different from those in other distance learning models. The personal approach in our educational offerings allow students to experience coursework as an ongoing dialogue between teacher and student, rather than as an isolated series of questions with answers marked right or wrong.

Teacher Relationships

Our mastery-based learning model allows teachers to make corrections and suggestions to students within the lesson, and to ask for assignments to be redone so that students may gain mastery in the subject. Students are actively encouraged to aspire to a high standard of performance as a result of their one-to-one relationship with their teachers. The intriguing paradox of our personalized distance learning program is that regardless of how many students a teacher may have, each relationship is personalized.

TLS courses are constantly audited, updated, improved and aligned to the newest and highest educational standards. The approach to education is dynamic, including innovative learning activities, multiple authentic assessment opportunities, diagnostic, standards-based proficiency testing, and graphically enhanced tutorials that focus on building specific skills and knowledge in various subjects.


The regular occurrence of culminating authentic assessments, called milestone assignments, is included throughout our curricula. Assignment-specific grading rubrics streamline the teacher’s ability to view student performance, and give students clear instruction on specific academic expectations for each milestone assignment. The use of rubrics has significantly improved student performance in TLS courses.

Learning Management System- Aurora

Another teacher-friendly aspect of the Learning Management System (LMS) is the inclusion of answers (on the teacher interface) for each question, a feature that shortens correction and response time for teachers and gives them the option to copy and paste correct answers from the answer key directly into the comment box for the student. Teachers will also appreciate the ability to “view other answers” when responding to student work. This feature of our LMS significantly reduces plagiarism and sharing of answers among students.

The Aurora LMS also functions as both a record-keeping and messaging program, providing everything the teacher needs to teach one or more courses to any number of students.


Aurora Learning is a complete Learning Management System that includes all curriculum materials. Licenses include access for one administrator role and facilitator roles for teachers, students and parents. Only the student role is associated with the license fee. Access is free for all other learning team members.

Each student is enrolled with one of the following licenses:

License TypeDescriptionFee
Full Student LicenseUnlimited online courses$130
Single Course LicenseOne online course$65
Summer School License90 day license, unlimited online courses$65

Per School Pricing:

Setup for New SchoolOne-time setup fee includes site coordinator and teacher training, database setup and technical support.$1,950
Teacher ServicesTeacher grading training is available at a cost per course, per student, each semester. (up to 18 lessons)$200/ semester
World Language CoursesWorld Language courses include: Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and Latin.$235/ course
Learning Styles ProfileDiscover how your students learn best. $25
Additional Course Fee5-8th grade courses and Omega Math high school courses$20/ course