Home Study

Welcome to the Learning Springs Home Study Program. Since 1994, the Learning Springs has provided curricula to public and private schools to supplement their academic offerings. Now, families can use the same high-quality courses in their own homes. Our program allows parents to choose the exact course(s) needed, in either textbook and online formats.

We empower parents to function as the teacher and direct their children’s education as they feel best suits their needs. Parents have the flexibility to build a custom academic program for their children, as well as infusing the curriculum with special assignments to enhance their course of study. View our Home Study Catalog, which contains a list of all Home Study pricing.

Elementary & Middle School

Children learn and grow in different ways. No single approach is exactly right for every child, and the Learning Springs program reflects that. The curriculum is designed to promote the development of critical thinking skills. Students learn to think independently. Through research-based lessons, students become more capable and proficient at problem solving. They become creative thinkers, and as a result of their successes, experience increased self-esteem and self-confidence. The Learning Springs allows parents and students to choose from a combination of classes specifically suited to fit each student’s learning needs.


K-8th Grade

This exciting curriculum is based upon award-winning classical literature and hands-on projects. The program is excellent for creative children, as well as for families who want an experience-based curriculum. The project-based curriculum integrates language arts, math, social studies, health, science, and the arts around a thematic approach to learning. The package of materials includes a manual which guides parents through the entire year, as well as tests and answer keys.


4th-8th Grade

The textbook-based curriculum uses books that have been carefully selected for their interest and appeal. This curriculum can be used in a variety of ways, designing a program around each child. We understand that children learn at different rates, so the curriculum that can be adapted to individual needs and preferences. This package includes a teacher’s guide to the curriculum, as well as tests and answer keys.

Since publishers do not offer 50 state-specific versions of most courses,, the Learning Springs uses the California version of most courses; California’s standards are among the highest in the nation. If you need more information about standards in a specific state, contact us for more information.

High School

The high school curriculum provides students with courses and electives to meet graduation requirements. Students can prepare for college, complete Honors level work, or make up courses missed due to extenuating circumstances. We focus on an active style of learning available through online resources or carefully selected texts. Through research-based lessons, students become more capable and proficient at problem solving. They become creative thinkers and experience increased self-esteem and self-confidence. High school students can choose from college preparatory and Honors courses in either textbook-based or web-based online delivery methods.


In 1994, the Learning Springs launched the first highly successful, customized online high school curriculum, which now includes more than 100 online courses available to students worldwide. Students may select a full online curriculum or choosing one or more online courses to complement textbook-based courses. Students become global citizens as they learn from the best libraries, museums, and information archives in the world. The result is a multidimensional, interactive learning program that brings education alive through the latest technologies.


This unique textbook-based program contains the same principles and elements of project-based integrated learning. It is based upon award-winning literature, with creative assignments and learning activities that provide students with a rich educational experience in high school language arts and social studies designed around a thematic approach.


The Learning Springs offers a wide range of Honors courses in the subject areas of English, history, math, and science. These courses are available in both textbook-based and online formats. Our Honors courses meet the needs of college-bound students who seek a challenging academic curriculum in a distance learning environment. The Honors program offers students an exciting opportunity to develop the critical thinking, research, and writing skills that are essential to academic and professional success.

Optional Services and Fees

Learning Styles Profile Interpretation (K-12th)

The Learning Springs provides the opportunity to get more in depth information about an individual child’s learning style so a program can be customized for success. The Learning Styles Profile includes valuable information about how and why children learn the way that they do. Many courses offer different options for activities, based on the student’s learning style. Help students succeed with the Learning Styles Profile.