The Learning Springs online curriculum provides flexible academic solutions for students who want to supplement their current course load or satisfy requirements for graduation. Teachers can customize their own virtual school based on their students’ needs. The Learning Springs curriculum provides a variety of academic options for students who want to graduate early, students who are at risk of not graduating on time, and students who need credit recovery. All members of the student’s learning team access system information from any location using the Aurora Learning system, which is an easy-to-use Learning Management System, or LMS. With flexible scheduling and self-paced program options, students can begin classes when it is most convenient for them. Aurora Learning provides our learning sites the flexibility to use their own teachers, off-site teachers, or one of our qualified instructors.

“I cannot say enough about what the Aurora Learning System has meant to our program here at “Project Success.” We are in our third year of operation as a program that focuses on students who are at-risk of not graduating from high school. Our data-driven approach to education, as well as our dedicated staff, combined with the computerized educational system provided by Learning Springs, reaps amazing results. We have enjoyed a 100% passage rate on the state-required testing and have seen a fourfold increase in reading ability over a year’s time as measured by the “Degrees of Reading Power” assessment.

Students and families are successful at “Project Success” in part because of the program and efforts of the Learning Springs personnel and the Aurora System.”

Larry Day
Director of Accountability and Alternative Programs
Winton Woods City Schools, Ohio


100 Online Courses: The Learning Springs curriculum is standards-based and correlated to national state standards. Our catalog includes core and elective courses for students in grades 5-12. Courses include mid-term and final exams. Each course is comprised of 18 lessons per semester with built-in milestone assignments. As students work through their course lessons, the LMS provides cumulative assessments to measure student progress.

Customizable Gradebook: The Aurora gradebook is easy to read, color coded, and customizable for each student. The gradebook has detailed student evaluations built-in for each semester. Teacher comments, letter grades, and percentage scores for each lesson are easily viewed by parents, teachers, tutors, and students.

Teacher Driven System: The Aurora system was designed by teachers, and enables a teacher to work with students as individuals or as a class. Teachers have flexible grading options, built-in answer keys, student evaluations, and tools to communicate with individuals or a whole classroom.

Parent/Guest Role: The LMS allows for a third party, such as a tutor, to view the student’s work. Aurora includes a “view-only” option to access the student’s information in the gradebook, curriculum, evaluations, and assessments for those who need to share their work with parents, counselors, and tutors.

Customizable Web Pages: With Aurora 7.0, teachers can create their own web pages for each subject area that they teach. These web pages enable teachers to provide students with links to external resources, access to necessary forms, and relevant classroom documents.

Groups: The web platform allows teachers to create different groups within their school. The distribution groups can include users from multiple roles. Examples of groups include; Debate Team, Chess Club, Marching Band, and Sports Teams.

Message Center: Aurora includes a built-in instant messaging system. This communication tool permits students to contact their teacher or any other person associated with their account. It does not allow student-to-student communication. School-wide announcements can be created by school site coordinators and sent to specific users.